When we work, we are careful to maintain a common thread and follow a clear structure.
The best results arise when unmistakable creativity is accompanied by accumulated experience.


Needs and desired results

We start by determining what content you want and which results you strive for. Then, we move on to the creative part and develop a shared vision.


Creative brainstorming

The vision lays the foundation for combining the message and the visual aspects. -ÖÖ-
Using all input as a base, we develop several proposals and then gather the rest of the team.


Presentation of ideas

Now it’s time to present what we’ve come up with. You get to see our ideas
at the same time as we give you our quotation for the entire production.


The foundation is laid

Time to scout locations, draft a script and develop a storyboard. After castings and other operations, we will meet again for a pre-production meeting.


Full speed ahead

Now we’re cooking with gas! At this stage, filming is well underway, and our team is putting all the
puzzle pieces together. Our goal is that the result exceeds your expectations.


6. Editing and post-production

This is the best part: video editing, sound design, colour grading, and visual effects (VFX).
You don’t have to wait long before seeing the production.


Your production

We’ll send you the finished material and wait for your feedback. When confident and happy with the production, we publish it and wait, curious to see the result.


We understand that this is important to you. That’s why we will discuss this with you during our first meeting.
And, of course, we adjust the cost to fit your budget.

So, how long is a piece of string? Generally speaking, the shorter the social media production, the lower the cost for you, the customer. Larger and more advanced productions take more time and involve more stages in post-production, which is more expensive.

One lesson we have learned over the years is that short-term cost cuts often become long-term irritations. After all, moving images last forever.